VR First Announces Distribution Partnership with Axon Park

The World’s First Full in VR Semester Course Taught by Survios CTO

Institutions are invited to host in-VR curriculum

VR First is excited to announce its strategic partnership with Axon Park — the world’s first educational campus in VR. To kick things off, they are running a full semester course taught in VR. Launching this fall, the course will teach expert-level Unreal Engine VR development, taught remotely by Survios CTO and Co-Founder Alex Silkin with support from the Unreal Engine team.

To enable Axon Park’s commitment to diversity and inclusion through immersive education, VR First has signed a strategic partnership with Axon Park, an organization which maintains the largest network of VR lab enabled universities and science parks internationally. Together, Axon Park and VR First are announcing a needs-based scholarship program that will provide students with low cost or free access to VR hardware and resources through their partner network of 850 universities. With their expertise in VR/AR workforce education and regional tech cluster facilities, VR First is the international distribution partner for Axon Park training solutions to universities, businesses and governments.

“This partnership will be a major step toward equalizing access to high quality education for people all around the world” Ferhan Ozkan, CEO at VR First. “We are inviting organizations and public institutions internationally to build custom in-VR trainings with VR First and welcoming our VR/AR experts to become the first generation of certified Axon Park trainers. We have already started to prepare a diverse range of in-VR courses to be available in Axon Park starting in 2020.” Rahel Demant, COO & Academic Relations Lead at VR First.

Are you an institution that wants to license Axon Park as to host in-VR Trainings for students, startups or teams? Are you a trainer looking for a certification to give in-VR trainings? Please contact Rahel at rahel@vrfirst.com

Axon Park

Silkin is the CTO and Co-Founder of Survios, the studio behind the industry’s best-selling VR titles, including Raw Data, Creed, Sprint Vector, Electronauts, and upcoming games Battlewake and Walking Dead Onslaught.

“This is not just a simple online class,” commented Silkin. “This is the first class of its kind. We’ll meet twice a week in virtual classrooms and build amazing virtual reality content together. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with VR since 2012 and contribute to the development of many innovative VR systems over these years. I want to share my experience with the community to make it easier for newcomers to break into the VR industry. I am beyond excited to help students invent their solutions for the still relatively untamed landscape of VR development.”

“At Axon Park we’re dedicated to making high quality education accessible to people from anywhere in the world through the use of VR.” Jacki Morie

Prior to this course, the team at Axon Park ran the first remote in-VR class at the MIT Media Lab to explore teaching and learning in social VR classrooms. The class was focused on VR Development with Unity and was taught remotely by an instructor in Los Angeles with students split between two buildings on the MIT campus.

“I became part of a pioneering group of students and researchers who test drove a VR masterclass, with online and in-VR components, and it honestly created a shift in learning for me. I was amazed with the capacity of this form of VR to bring students and teachers together.” — Pakinam Amer, student from MIT Media Lab VR class and MIT Research Fellow

For Axon Park press materials and images, please visit this folder.

To take an Axon Park Class Today, subscribe here: http://www.axonpark.com/vr-creator-masterclass

About Axon Park:

Axon Park is a virtual campus where students can learn together from anywhere. Axon Park is focused on using virtual reality and artificial intelligence to democratize access to premier quality education.

About VR First:

VR First, a global leader in XR education, is working with governments, institutions and Science Parks around the world to support the establishment of VR/AR labs and clusters to empower a diverse future workforce around the world and democratize VR/AR education.

About Survios:

Survios is a Los Angeles-based virtual reality studio focused on building connected VR experiences with emergent interactivity, social multiplayer, and visceral play.




Rahel Demant, cofounder at VR First, XR Bootcamp and writer/editor at VR World, VR First and Haptical

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Rahel Demant

Rahel Demant

Rahel Demant, cofounder at VR First, XR Bootcamp and writer/editor at VR World, VR First and Haptical

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